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Elegy for Souls on Hold is a poetic memorial Art installation by Mirna Chacin devoted to celebrates the life of those who have passed during isolation and social distance times through photography, mapping projection, sound and an augmented reality component. The Souls on Hold Augmented Reality application allows visitors to discover and interact with portraits of missed loved ones alongside short videos celebrating their life as the water projection continues to flow in the background of the art installation.

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How it works

After installing the application on your device, follow the onboarding process and enjoy the immersive experience of Elegy for Souls on Hold!

The exhibition "Elegy for Souls on Hold" will run from September 22 to December 30, 2021 at Cloverdale Commons as part of ArtworxTO , Toronto's Year of the Public Art program 2021-2022.

Elegy for the Souls on Hold is a long-term community-engaged memorial project that aims to gather and support pandemic times grievers worldwide, therefore touring Canada and abroad.

About the artist

Mirna Chacín is a Venezuelan-born Canadian visual artist whose work reflects on concepts around loss and grief, uprooting, belonging, and cultural traditions through the engagement of communities from a perspective of diversity and inclusion. Learn more about the artist.

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