"Elegy for Souls on Hold"

Community-engaged Memorial Art Project devoted to loss and grief in times of social distance and lack of funeral rituals.

Let's celebrate the life of our departed loved ones in the River of Life. 

We all might grieve a loss differently. However, isolation and a lack of funeral rituals are even more challenging. I know how it feels. I got trapped in a web of grief and despair without breaks when I missed the funerals of my younger sister, Albita, far away from my family and my hometown. We need the time and social space that funeral rituals give us to accept our loved one is gone and the comfort of family and friends.

I came to offer my Art in my sister's loving memory and your departed loved ones. Inspired by Jorge Manrique's Stanzas on the Death of his Father, I have created Elegy for Souls on Hold a poetic memorial dedicated to honoring our departed loved ones within a dreamlike river where their souls and ours reconnect through love and memories.

Have you lost a loved one?

You can  share your memories and together we'll celebrate your love and your loved one life. You might also participate by filling out  the submission form below.

 Elegy for Souls on Hold exhibition closed on December 31, 2021. The installation was part of the collective  Home(Land) Bodies of Water at the ArtworxTO Hub West and as part of  The Day of the Dead  Celebration in Wychwood Barns Toronto  2022.

I am  thankful to all participants to the project,  the ArtwoxTO team and my curator Claudia Arana for their outstanding support and production of the Memorial installation. Also, my squad Omar Rivero (mapping projection), Diego Camacho,  Cory Ronald, and Maria McCormick ( the Augmented Reality Application development team) 

The "River of Life" in the Elegy for Souls on Hold  is inspired by " Jorge Manrique's Stanzas on the Death of his Father," which invites us to honor the lives of our departed loved ones by treasuring  loving memories and living a meaningful life.

Elegy for souls on Hold  uses a free Augmented Reality APP for smartphones and tablets devices to reveal  souls portraits and their celebration of life videos.

To contribute  to Elegy for Souls on Hold

Please contact me via Whatsapp or email me to soulsonhold@gmail.com and I will book a zoom meeting to get to know each other, clarify doubts, listen about your loss and grief.  Share photos and memories of your missed loved one.  

Your participation is completely voluntary and free of charge.

Marta Solek, joined Mirna on Instagram Live to share her experience as a participant on Elegy for Souls on Hold after missing her mom Maria in 2020. Marta is a Poland born cello musician newcomer to Canada.  August,4, 2021

What do you need to share

If you are ready to share your loved one's memories, please follow these steps to fill out a submission form below.

  • Step 1: Choose a portrait  of your loved one in JPG format
  • Step 2: Pick up to 12  photos to support your loved ones' life story( you have to upload a minimum of 4 photos) 
  • Step 3:  Would you please write down or record a eulogy, short letter or poem to display within your loved one video?
  • Step 4: Fill out the Participant Submission Form below with all this material and submit it. You will receive a confirmation email.

Do not hesitate to email me to soulsonhold@gmail.com  or via Whatsapp  If you need help, have issues or doubts.

 Participants Submission Form 

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