"Elegy for Souls on Hold"

It is a Memorial Art Project devoted to loss and grief in the social distance and lack of funeral rites' times.

This project is part of ArtworxTO: Toronto's Year of Public Art 2021 - 2022, launching on September 22, 2021

Let's celebrate the life of your missed love one within a memorial art installation

 Every person might cope with grief differently, yet we all feel pain and yearn for our loved ones.
In isolation, the lack of funeral rituals around grieving makes it even more challenging to cope and find closure. I know how it feels. I missed the funerals of my sister Albita, and two uncles, back in Venezuela. For a long while, I got trapped in a web of sorrow and despair without breaks. 

In the loving memory of our missed loved ones, I am developing the memorial artwork, "Elegy for Souls on Hold,"  an immersive multimedia installation using photography, mapping projection, sound and augmented reality to showcase the portraits and celebration of the life of our loved ones. 

The art installation for a gallery setting aims to deliver a meaningful tribute  that will endure in grievers' memories and viewers while exposing the most tragic part of the pandemic: dying and mourning in isolation. 

"Elegy for Souls on Hold" would not be possible without you and much appreciated participants who have entrusted me with the stories and memories of their missing loved ones. 

And the invaluable technical support and collaboration  Maria McCormickDiego CamachoOmar Rivero, Cory Ronald  and curator Claudia Arana.

The exhibition "Elegy for Souls on Hold"  will run from September 22 to December 30, 2021 at Cloverdale Commons as part of ArtworxTO , Toronto's Year of the Public Art program  2021-2022  I am grateful for their significative support to make it happens

You and your missed loved ones are the core of this memorial. Let's work together on this love offering by sharing you're loving memories. You will find sketch of the project. Related information and  submission format below.

 Important Information 

  • You can find more about me here  ( Mirna Chacin)
  • Contact me via Whatsapp or email
  • About  ArtworxTO program, here
  • Watch my presentation about the project in Sur Gallery here
  • Follow the project @soulsonhold at Instagram and Facebook
  • If you need grief support connect with Grief Stories
  • Souls on Hold Mobile AR app here

Sketch of the "river of life" in Elegy for souls on Hold installation. It is inspired by "The Stanzas of Jorge Manrique on his father's death," which invites us to celebrate the lives of those who passed by celebrating their life memories and achievement in life.

 Elegy for souls on Hold  uses ai own  Augmented Reality APP for smartphone and tablets devices to reveal  souls portraits and their celebration of life videos

How can you become a vital member of this Memorial Art Project?

Please contact me by emailing soulsonhold@gmail.com or via Whatsapp to book a zoom meeting to get acquaintances, clarifying doubts, and listening about your loss and grief. 

You will need to share photos and memories of your missed loved one. 

Your participation is completely voluntary and free of charge.

Marta Solek, joined Mirna on Instagram Live to share her experience as a participant on Elegy for Souls on Hold after missing her mom Maria in 2020. Marta is a Poland born cello musician newcomer to Canada.  August,4, 2021

How to participate

If you are ready to share your loved one's memories, please follow these steps to fill out a submission form below.

  • Step 1: Choose a portrait  of your loved one in JPG format
  • Step 2: Pick 4 to 6  JPG photos to support your loved ones' life story
  • Step 3: Record your eulogy or memory you would like to share using your smartphone, computer or directly within the submission form
  • Step 4: Fill out the Participant Submission Form below with all this material and submit it. You will receive a confirmation email.

Do not hesitate to email me to soulsonhold@gmail.com  or via Whatsapp  If you need help, have issues or doubts.

 Participants Submission Form 

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