“Now time has a very different look; it is no longer the conquering present capturing the future; it is the present conquered and captured and carried off by the past.” ― Milan Kundera, The Ignorance

"Continuos Reborn" mixed media installation of Mirna Chacin from  "Subject to change" Contact Exhibition 

Elli Carmona, Mirna Chacin and Claudia Arana during the Artist Talk , Arts Etobicoke May 6, 2019 

Elli Carmona and Mirna Chacín in front of the window projections of Subject to Change, May6, 2019

Curatorial  Statement by Claudia Arana

Subject to change, means the conditions set are prone to or likely to be affected by change, is allowing some leeway as conditions might dictate a variation or adjustment.

In this exhibition that leeway, that off-course lateral movement evokes the contingent nature of the self.

That conjectural moment allows to reflect, to feel, to remember and to envision ourselves again. This powerful and vulnerable self can host joy and fear, present and past, what we are and what we were.

For these two artists, this notion plays an important role not only in the construction of their work but in the construction of their identities. Each of them presents an utterly personal and engaged visual system where they claim, make, and describe their own narrative through concepts of identity, modern migration, multiculturalism, grief and belonging. They explore these complex issues through the use of photography, video monitors and screens.

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