"In Maracaibo, my hometown is always summer,

as in Toronto, it also has a lake where the sun also rises
every day. Therefore, I felt blessed and grateful when
I moved and settled close by the lakeshore of Toronto.
This photo series is the outcome of my process
to overcome nostalgia and cultural grief while adapting to my new country. It is about the area I love

dwelling in and where I started my new dawn". 
Mirna Chacín,2019

The photography series is inspired by Mirna’s nostalgia and yearning for Maracaibo, her hometown, its lake and everlastings summers while adapting to her new home by Lake Ontario in the Toronto waterfront.

Mirna's  "Where The Sun Rises

photo series are displayed on the construction hoardings around " The Waterfront Innovation Centre" site at 125 - 150 Queen Quay East, Toronto. The exhibition was

Commissioned by Menkes Developments and curated by Steps Initiative for their Patch Project.

During Canada's ©Culture Days in September 2019, Steps Initiative hosted Mirna Artist's Talk about her artwork series, followed by the launch of a limited-edition photo fanzine "Where The Sun Rises" and a walking tour around the exhibition's site( 125-150 Queens Quay East)

Where The Sun Rises Fanzine,©Mirna Chacín, 2019 

Where The Sun Rise is a self-published fanzine of Mirna Chacin. 
 Limited edition of 100 copies.
Sixteen pages are printed in black and white and color cover.

Mirna Chacin while chatting with one of the friends that assisted to her Artist Talk and launch of Where The Sun Rises photo fanzine on September 28th of 2019. Visitors had the opportunity to purchase a signed limited edition of the publication.

©Mirna Chacin - All rights reserved
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